What is XBODY ?

The proven technology of the EMS pushed to another level! Thanks to a suitable combination, she was able to enter the world of training. This technology, combined with muscular, cardiovascular and stretching techniques, will allow you to benefit from the action of EMS pulses on your entire body.


Because it is effective, balanced and safe! Your training will only be enhanced. Two sessions lasting 20 minutes a week are sufficient to obtain results equivalent to several hours of conventional training.

Highlights of XBODY?

It saves you time! XBODY is up to 6x more efficient than conventional training.

It is complete. XBODY solicits most of your muscle groups at the same time.

It targets the muscle deeply and has no impact on the tendons and joints.

It increases muscle definition, strength and endurance.

It improves blood circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite and gives the skin a toned appearance.

It burns fat. EMS combined with training promotes energy expenditure and metabolic activity.

It strengthens the posture. The deep action of XBODY stimulates the postural muscles and relieves back pain.