• It is an indispensable tool in the development of a training cycle. The assessment serves as a diagnostic for the creation of the training plan. This is the inventory of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Performed during the cycle, it allows to check the progress of the individual and to adjust the training plan if necessary
  • At the end of the cycle, the assessment indicates the level reached.

Overweight comes with a lot of hassles: joint pain, circulatory disorders, high blood pressure … which have harmful consequences on the well-being of the person. Losing weight is not a simple task, but losing it in a healthy way is definitely the ultimate goal. The solutions differ from one person to another according to sex, morphology, age, history … that’s why entraineurquebec will use the knowledge and experience so that you can get rid of those extra pounds.

Whether you practice sport in a simple wellness approach or in order to achieve a specific goal, a person’s nutritional needs change according to their goals, lifestyle, activity level, and more. again.

Entraîneurquebec works with its clients to develop an adapted food plan that meets the nutritional needs of the organization, while helping to achieve the desired goal.

Private and semi-private training sessions will help you reach your goals faster while remaining motivated. You will benefit from a personalized training program as well as unparalleled supervision.

For several decades, physiotherapists have been using muscle electrostimulation (ESM) for therapeutic purposes.

This technology has proven itself for muscular rehabilitation, to counteract atrophy, imbalances and improved the performance of professional athletes.

Whatever your age, physical condition and objectives, Entraîneurquebec is able, thanks to his wealth of knowledge and experience to accompany you throughout your journey, and this, in a motivating, safe and professional atmosphere.

Getting back in shape is sometimes a necessity for some individuals. It gives them confidence, well-being, energy, stability, etc. The positive aspects of physical activity are vast and Entraîneurquebec will help you achieve this goal. He will guide you according to your abilities and desires:

  • Muscle mass
  • Weight loss.
  • Gain of physical strength.
  • Fitness 40 years and over
  • Express fitness
  • Physical preparation for competition tests.
  • And more…